A. 舊金山 - 優勝美地 - 赫氏古堡 -  知性之旅三日游      

(A) San Francisco-Hearst Castle-Yosemite 3-Day Tour      

旅游團號/Tour Code



3日遊 / 3 Days

行程價格/ Package Cost

$150. 起/up

出發日期/Departure Date

週三、六 出發 / Wednesday, Saturday


洛杉磯/Los Angeles

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自選項目價目表 (僅供參考)Optional Admission Package (For Your Reference Only)

舊金山海灣遊船/Boat Cruise

$32./成人 Adult/ $22./ 小孩 Children

舊金山城市深度遊/City Tour

$35. /人 /person

赫氏古堡門票/Hearst Castle Admission

$25. /成人 Adult/ $12. /小孩 Children

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價格:本行程提供買二送一優惠, 三人一房或四人一房享受“買二送一”,贈送者"0"團費 

Triple and Quad prices are for three people or four people sharing one room with 2 beds respectively.

雙人一房/Double Occupancy

$150 / 人/ person

同房第三人/3rd person (Triple Occupancy)

$0/ 人/ person

同房第四人/4th person (Quadruple Occupancy)

$119 /人/ person

單人房/Single Occupancy

$220 / 人/ person

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1. 免費者如出團當日不出現罰款$100

2. 由於出發日期不同,行程的前後順序會有調整
3. 節假日價格會有調整


Special Notes

(1) The tour fare  has not been listed, Please call your travel agent to          confirm the holiday price.
(2) No-show penalty for free person is $100
(3) We will adjust tour sequence depends different departure day

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