East Coast 6-Day Economy Tour (Departure from Boston) 


Day 1: Home – Boston        

由原居地飛往波士頓機場(Logan International Airport),導遊在機場行李出口處(baggage claim)等候,或在波士頓唐人街上車,然後前往酒店休息。(具體信息請參考接送機信息)

酒店:Comfort Inn/Days Inn/ Sleep Inn/Red Roof Inn or Similar 或同级

Thanks for choosing your vacation with us! Arriving at Logan International Airport (BOS), our tour guide will meet guests at the Baggage Claim area. Feel free to take our shuttle to the hotel and catch some rest. (For more information please refer to Departure & Return Information)


Day 2: Boston – New York City Night Tour* 


酒店:E Hotel Banquet & Conference Center/Palace Hotel/ Ramada Inn/Red Roof Inn/ Comfort Inn/Days Inn or Similar 或同级

The trip will start in the city of Cambridge, MA where we will visit the Harvard University. Here, you will find Harvard’s oldest campus and take pictures with the statue of John Harvard, known as the “Statue of Three Lies”. Also, we will take pictures with the main academic building inside MIT. Another fun will begin as soon as you board the cruise ship and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Boston harbor. Later, go sightseeing in the Boston city. We will pass by the old Trinity Cathedral, the Hancock Building, the Boston Park, Prudential Center, and Boston Public Library along the way while overlooking the gold dome of the State House. Around the noon, we will arrive at old Quincy Market. Quincy Market is opportune for strolling through, or to get a taste of the historical ambience as well as to pick out souvenirs among the assorted merchants and artisans. The Market is also surrounded by dozens of restaurants for dining option with a variety of authentic cuisines, and Boston’s Clam Chowder is always a good choice to satisfy your taste buds! After lunch, we will set off for New York. Upon arrival, you are invited to join our delicately tailored New York City Night Tour that accesses you to stunning views of the “Sleepless Town” at $25/person.


Day 3: New York City Tour 


酒店:E Hotel Banquet & Conference Center/Palace Hotel/Ramada Inn/Red Roof Inn/Comfort Inn/Days Inn或同级

At a first glance, traveling around the entire of New York City seems like the mission impossible; however, our highly organized tour is especially designed for you: by visiting amounts of famous landmarks, you will learn more of the city’s unique history, culture, and the core spirit of the New Yorkers! By stepping up to the Empire State Building Observation deck, guests could overlook the beautiful view of the central park and the entire of New York City. Empire State Building stood as the world's tallest building for nearly 40 years, and has been surpassed in late 1970. Its name is derived from the nickname of New York, the Empire State. Nowadays it is still the most famed landmark of the city. Also, Guests will take a sightseeing cruise tour on the Hudson River to enjoy the city view from a totally different angle, as well as take pictures with the backdrops of Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge. Furthermore, visit U.S.S INTREPID, the national heritage that costs $120 million, which is reopen for visitors. Concorde supersonic airliner and a variety of aircrafts will be all in the exhibition. In addition, wandering around the world's famous financial and securities trading center – Wall Street, taking pictures with Trinity Church, New York Stock Exchange and its signature sculpture Charging Bull, and visiting Times Square, Madame Tussauds’ - all of these will be made up into our tour later. Of course, we can’t miss the renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the largest art museum in the United States with collections of more than 2 million works of art. In the end of the day, our tour bus will pass by the Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Center, Ground Zero and the new “Freedom tower” - One World Trade Center …


Day 4: New York – Philadelphia – Washington, D.C. 


隨後乘車抵達美國首都-華盛頓特區。先去參觀商業街上的美國航空航天博物館,博物館裡記載了航天事業的發展史,從1903年萊特兄弟的飛行器到 現在的外太空探索,林德伯格駕駛過的聖路易斯精神號,還有真實的阿波羅11號的駕駛艙。這裡擁有世界上最完整的天空發展史記載,陳列著數以百計的太空飛機 模型。行程當中,我們將乘坐華盛頓DC遊船,沿著東波多馬克河岸觀賞華盛頓著名地標。隨後參觀美國國會大廈(外觀),這座首都最高的大廈是美國國會、參議 院、眾議院的所在地,白宮(外觀)坐落在賓夕法尼亞大道1600號,是美國歷屆總統的住所和辦公地。繼續在華盛頓遊覽,展開膜拜英雄之旅:我們還會驅車經過傑斐遜紀念館;於林肯紀念堂瞻仰這位受人愛戴的前總統;裝飾精美的牆上鐫刻著出自這對傑出人物的名言警句,令人產生醍醐灌頂之感。於越戰、朝鮮戰爭紀念碑緬懷逝去的先烈。由林瓔設計的越戰紀念碑上刻著烈士的名字,簡單而感人,朝鮮戰爭紀念碑上則描繪了戰爭的緊張和壯烈。我們將跟隨時空的步伐,穿越歷史,與那些偉大的名字一起並肩而立。途經傑弗遜總統紀念堂,華盛頓紀念碑,二戰紀念碑等。

酒店:Comfort Inn/Days Inn/Sleep Inn/Econolodge or Similar 或同级

In the morning, we will visit Philadelphia where known as the birthplace of American democracy. At the Independence National Historical Park, tour guide will arrange a free time for guests to walk around. Inside the Independence Hall, you will have a special moment of standing exactly where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed. You also won’t miss the Liberty Bell which is recognized for its famous crack. Go beyond the iconic crack to learn how this State House bell was transformed into an extraordinary symbol. You will also see the Statue of Washington, Congress Hall, and many other great attractions. Afterwards, we will head to Washington D.C. and firstly visit the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum located on the National Mall (also known as the Capitol Hill). We will take a glance at the human aviation and space heritage as well as have a vision of space travel in the future through thousands of objects on display, including the 1903 Wright Flyer, Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis, the Apollo 11 Command Module Columbia, and a lunar rock you can touch. Next, you surely don’t want to miss the opportunity to take our exclusive DC cruise for sightseeing of the town along the Potomac River. Later we can take photos with backdrops of the White House and the U.S. Capitol due to the visit limitation for the public. The domed U.S. Capitol building is the nerve center of Washington, DC and the home to the U.S. Congress with 435 Representatives and 100 Senators. The White House, perhaps the most famous U.S. residence and certainly the most well-known address, is a must-see for any visitor to the nation’s capital. The historical house is the office to Presidents of the United States meanwhile the home to First Families. Continuing the trip, we will visit the Lincoln Memorial. This grand monument overlooks the Reflecting Pool, the Washington Monument and the U.S. Capitol. Inside, the 19-foot marble statue of the 16th president is flanked by inscriptions of his Second Inaugural Address and the famous Gettysburg Address. Additionally, we will stop at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Korean War Memorial. The two monuments honor members of the U.S. armed forces who fought in the wars. Along the way, you will also see and pass by the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, WWII Memorial and more.


Day 5: Washington, D.C. – Corning Glass Museum – Niagara Falls 


酒店:Comfort Inn/ Days Inn/ Sleep Inn or Similar 或同级

The first stop is one of Fortune Global 500’s headquarter, Corning, to visit the Museum of Glass, which is dedicated to the history, art, and science behind glassmaking. Its collection contains more than 45,000 objects, some of which date back millennia. Guests here will be invited to enjoy the Hot Glass Show which is performed by professional glass craftsmen. After lunch, we are going to see the renowned Niagara Falls. It’s the combination of height and volume that makes Niagara Falls so beautiful. More than 6 million cubic ft. (168,000 cubic meters) of water goes over the crest line of the falls every minute during peak daytime tourist hours. Guests will be amazed by the deafening roar of the American Fall, the Horseshoe Fall and the Bridal Veil Fall. Later you can choose either: A. to stay in the Falls Park for self exploration till returning the hotel, or, B. to take Niagara Falls In-depth Tour (Tour fee: $25/person, including $13 of the admission ticket). This interesting and exciting tour includes two popular attractions: the magnificent natural wonder - Niagara Whirlpool State Park and the U.S. historic landmark - Old Fort Niagara. The Niagara Whirlpool’s greatest depth is 125 feet. It is estimated the whirlpool formed approximately 4,200 years ago by the upstream erosion of the Niagara escarpment by Niagara River. Old Fort Niagara is a rich historic landmark; it spans more than 300 years. Its commanding presence on the great lake caused it to play a critical role in the French and Indian War, the American Revolution and the War of 1812. The gorgeous Lake Ontario lies behind the Fort. Upon the sunset, you will also watch a Thundering Water Cultural Show which is a sacred place for the local Native American people. This show uses dance as a storytelling medium through which to showcase the impact that the falls have had on native culture. (The completeness of night view on certain summer evenings may be limited or not available due to late sunset time and US Federal Government regulations on driving hours.) We will go to hotel when night falls.

第六天  :尼亞加拉大瀑布 – 布法羅/波士頓 

Day 6: Niagara Falls – Buffalo/Boston              

搭乘著名的“霧中少女”號遊船(遊船冬季關閉),穿梭於波濤起伏的瀑布間,水花迎面撲來,緊張刺激,更添加一份震撼力。回到訪客中心觀看IMAX 電影,投資一千五百萬的電影向您描述了尼亞加拉瀑布多姿多彩的傳奇故事。如果時間允許,我們還將獨家安排你體驗一次難忘的、充滿刺激的尼亞加拉瀑布快速遊艇(JETBOAT)之旅,一路欣賞兩岸美景:一邊是加拿大,一邊是美國,無需簽證便可以近距離接觸。(活動說明:JETBOAT的出航會根據具體天氣情況作出調整,如遇暴風雨雪、尼亞加拉河面結冰以及各種惡劣天氣狀況會暫停出航。)中午結束行程,返回波士頓(或BUF機場)。


行程結束後,我們將免費送往布法羅機場(Buffalo International Airport),請定13:30以後的航班。客人也可選擇在波士頓市區離團。

Take the voyage on the famous “Maid of the Mist” (closed in winter) which gets passengers as close as possible to the Niagara Falls! The Maid rides right into the mists thrown up by the roaring cascade as the Niagara River tumbles over the edge of the falls. You can optionally watch a Niagara IMAX movie which chronicles more than 12,000 years of history and examines human interaction with the falls from ancient time through the people - like you - who come to see them today. When time allows, another fun awaits you – an exclusive JetBoat ride on the Niagara River which makes the tour unforgettable and refreshing by playing in the whitewater rapids. (*JetBoat tour will be operated only when weather condition allows; in case of storm, snow, icy condition of the Niagara River, the boat tour will be closed for safety reasons.) Around the noon, guests can choose returning to Boston or BUF airport.


Notes: Upon completion of the tour, we will send you to the Buffalo International Airport (BUF) for flights home. Please book flights after 13:30. See “Departure and Return Details” for more details. Guests can also choose to go back to the Boston city

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1.       行程中所列景點,參訪的先後順序或因實際情況進行調整;

2.       如遇景點、節假日休息(關門),導遊會根據實際情況調整行程。

3.       需跟團上導遊購買門票,不可自行帶票或使用City Pass。


1.       如遇天氣、戰爭、罷工等人力不可抗拒因素無法遊覽​​,本公司將有權更改行程,團費不退;

2.       遊客因個人原因臨時自願放棄遊覽,酒店住宿、交通等費用均不退還。

費用不含: 餐費,景點門票費,服務費每人每天$8(含导游和司机),私人性質費用(如酒店電話費,洗衣費等)

Scenic Spots Notes:

(1) Itinerary will be subject to traffic and weather. The sequence of the attractions might be changed according to actual and practical situation for better service.

(2) In case of attraction closures (due to holidays or construction, etc.), tour guide may make some necessary changes to the itinerary accordingly.

(3) This tour does not accept any City Pass or your own tickets for the attraction. Guests need to purchase admission tickets from tour guides.

Refund Remark:

(1) If the weather condition, war, general strikes and other unforeseen circumstances interrupt the journey, our company reserve the right to rearrange the journey without refunding the tour fee.

(2) If visitors cannot join the tour because of personal reason, the fee for hotels and transportation is not refundable.

Tour fee exclude: the meals, attractions tickets, service fee ($8 per person per day), and any private costs (such as hotel telephone charges, laundry etc.).

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