Las Vegas-Grand Canyon West-Skywalk 4-Day 

旅游團號/Tour Code



4 days

行程價格/Package Cost


出發日期/Departure Date

週日、一、二、 三、四、五、六 / Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.

出發城市/ Departure City

Los Angeles

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自選項目價目表 (僅供參考)Optional Admission Package (For Your Reference Only)

西峽谷門票(包午餐)Grand Canyon West Rim Admission Fee

$105./ 人/person


$25. / 人/person

直升飛機、遊船套票/Helicopter+Boat Tour

$220./ 人/person

拉斯維加斯夜遊/Las Vegas Night Tour


拉斯維加斯秀票(包接送)/Show Ticket

$78. / 人/person

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本行程提供買二送一優惠, 三人一房或四人一房享受“買二送一”,贈送者"0"團費

Departure From Los Angeles (Special Rate)

Triple and Quad prices are for three people or four people sharing one room with 2 beds respectively.

雙人一房/Double Occupancy

$149.up/ 人/person

同房第三人/3rd person (Triple Occupancy)

$0/ 人/person

同房第四人/4th person (Quadruple Occupancy)

$119 / 人/person

單人房/Single Occupancy

$289 / 人/person

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Package Includes

3-Night Hotel Accommodations, English-Speaking Tour Escort services, Ground Transportation service via luxury coach as specified in itinerary.

Package Excludes

1. Service charge for tour guide and driver is $8/person per day

2. Optional tour items, admission fees

3. Personal expense

4. Air fares

5. Airport Transfer Services

1 洛杉磯-名牌工廠直銷中心-拉斯維加斯

Day1 Los Angeles - Barstow Outlet - Las Vegas



酒店:Stratosphere Casino Hotel (高塔酒店) 或同級


*在拉斯維加斯參團的團員,請于下午3:00PM在 Tropicana Hotel 酒店正門等候,或者4:30PM在Stratosphere Hotel的Buffet(自助餐廳)旁邊的走廊等候。


Departure from Los Angeles in the morning, along with San Bernardino Mountains and enter Mojave Desert, the largest continental desert in North America. The boundless land is decorated by bizarre-shaped Joshua trees and yucca plants. You will make a brief stop at Barstow outlet to do some shopping and have lunch, and then head to Las Vegas - “the entertainment capital of the world”. You may take an optional night tour to explore the prosperity of night life in Las Vegas, enjoy all the spectacles and fantasies on the strip! The tour guide will lead you to explore the World’s largest hotel Palazzo Venetian Mega Centre, neon-light show on Fremont Street, Music Fountain at Bellagio and the volcano show at Mirage. Stay overnight in Las Vegas.


Hotel: Stratosphere Casino Hotel or Similar


Note: For those who will join the tour in Las Vegas, please wait at the main entrance of the Tropicana Hotel at 3:00 PM, or wait at the corridor next to the Stratosphere Hotel’s Buffet Restaurant at 4:30 PM.

2 胡佛水壩-大峽谷西緣/玻璃橋-拉斯維加斯

Day2 Hoover Dam - Grand Canyon West Rim/Skywalk - Las Vegas

上午驅車前往美洲最高的胡佛水壩,參觀其水壩工程及發電廠並眺望北美最大的人工湖-密德湖, 及後前往世界七大奇景之一的大峽谷,您可以由不同的角度欣賞陽光與峽谷岩壁折射而形成的奇景。峽谷的壯觀讓您不得不讚嘆大自然的神奇偉大。團友可於大峽谷邊緣享受由印弟安人泡製的風味午餐。您更可自費參觀位於大峽谷西緣的一大新建築物 “玻璃橋”。它懸空於海拔4000尺之上。這座耗資六千萬美元打造而成的玻璃橋能同時承受71臺747波音客機(約七千一百萬磅) 的重量。玻璃橋是全世界最高的建築物。在橋上,你可以欣賞到720°度的大峽谷景觀。你還可以從這塊用玻璃製成的平臺上,俯瞰大峽谷壯麗的景色及感受大自然的神奇偉大。橋下美景盡收眼簾,使人心情激動、嘆爲觀止。您更可以自費乘坐直昇機及觀光船觀賞大峽谷的美景。 傍晚時分回到拉斯維加斯。酒店:Stratosphere Casino Hotel (高塔酒店) 或同級

注:此行程必須在出團第一天購買西峽谷門票 $105(含午餐)Drive to Hoover Dam in the morning, sightsee this largest and tallest concrete structure of it’s time. Visit the dam and overlook North America's largest artificial lake - Lake Mead. Then, travel to one of the most famous 7 natural wonders in the world - the Grand Canyon! Over eons, the Colorado River and erosion have sculpted this amazing landscape. Grand Canyon west rim belongs to Indian Reservation (Mandatory Admission $105 to Grand Canyon West Rim). The group will take the designated park shuttle to enter the canyon. Upon arriving in the terminal, you may take the helicopter ride and sightseeing boat tour (Optional), in order to feel the canyon and Colorado River from different perspective and explore the true beauty of the Grand Canyon. Afterwards, you may take the park shuttle to the next sightseeing spots, Eagle Point and Guano Point. At Eagle Point, you may take an optional visit to the "Skywalk", which is the new G gigantic construction built on the very edge of the Grand Canyon West Rim. The Skywalk is suspended 4,000 feet above the Colorado River. This $60 million dollars bridge can withstand the weight of 71 fully loaded Boeing 74 airplanes (more than 71 million pounds). It is the tallest man-made structure in the world. From the bridge, you can step out onto the glass floor for a 720 degree view of the Canyon. The group will return to Las Vegas in the evening. You may watch the world’s renowned show at your own cost (optional). Hotel: Stratosphere Casino Hotel or Similar

Notes: All customers are required to pay admission fee $105 to Grand Canyon West Rim upon arrival. This is the requirement to join this tour.

3 拉斯維加斯自由活動

Day3 Las Vegas Free Day



酒店:Stratosphere Casino Hotel (高塔酒店) 或同級


You can arrange your own time on this free day.

Hotel: Stratosphere Casino Hotel or similar

4 巧克力工廠/仙人掌庭院-名牌工廠直銷中心-洛杉磯

Day4 Chocolate Factory/Botanical Cactus Garden - Barstow Outlet - L.A.





In the morning, visit Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Botanical Cactus Gardens outside of The Strip. You can see chocolates being made, sample gourmet treats and meander through the maze of paths at the Botanical Cactus Gardens at no charge. Be sure to sample a piece of fresh made chocolate! After having lunch in Las Vegas, the group heads back to Los Angeles. Stop by Barstow Outlet for short rest before continuing to Los Angeles. Arrive in Los Angeles in the evening for a wonderful conclusion of the trip.


(Notes: You may leave the tour group from Las Vegas instead of Los Angeles. But, you are responsible to arrange your own ground transportation to LAS airport. In addition, please schedule your flight departure from Las Vegas after 1:00p.m in the afternoon.)

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自選項目價目表 (僅供參考)


西峽谷門票(包午餐)                                                                  $105 / 人

南峽谷門票                                                                                      $105 / 人



玻璃橋門票                                                                                      $35 / 人


直升飛機+遊船套票                                                                      $215 / 人


南峽谷IMAX電影+午餐                                                                 $30 / 人


拉斯維加斯夜遊                                                                              $35 / 人


拉斯維加斯豪客-風水摩天輪                                                         $37 / 人


拉斯維加斯魔術表演                                                                      $78 / 人


拉斯維加斯歌舞表演                                                                      $92 / 人


拉斯維加斯-太陽劇團火秀                                                           $120 / 人


拉斯維加斯夢秀                                                                            $163 / 人




1. 2 晚酒店(標準間)

2. 專業雙語導遊服務

3. 豪華空調大巴免費接送服務



1. 餐費

2. 服務費(每人每天8美元)

3. 旅遊途中的自選項目

4. 必須支付項目:西峽谷$105,包括門票-午餐-景區巴士 或 南峽$105,包括門票

5. 機票


備注事項 / Special Notes 






1.The tour fare for U.S holidays (i.e., long weekend) has not been listed on the web site, since the price is various. Please call us to confirm the holiday price.

2.No-show penalty for free person is $100.

3.$99/up price applies for Los Angeles departure only.

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